Vox Kids

In each of our classrooms, across all our our campuses, you will find these things to be true: We are CHRIST-CENTERED, KID-FOCUSED, and APPLICATION-ORIENTED. We believe Jesus Christ is the center piece of human history and everything we do in Vox Kids reflects this reality. We make every effort to create environments that are fun and engaging for kids and point them to a daily walk with Jesus!


Your child is important to us! When you arrive for the first time you will need to fill out a registration form which will be entered into our database. After your first visit you will be able to quickly check your child in to their classroom before you head to service! Upon check-in you will receive a security tag that corresponds with the number on your child’s name tag. If you do not have the security tag you will not be allowed into the Vox Kids wing. We have security guards posted outside the kids area to ensure no one without a security tag enters.


Available at every location


6 months to 2 years


3 years through Kindergarten


1st grade through 5th grade